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Dear Broker / owner of the property,

Outreach commercial real estate has never been easier.

Koma3 gives you full and free access for commercial properties through the site.
Koma3 allows you to contact with thousands of potential customers looking for
offices, warehouses, shops, industrial buildings, parking lots, halls, business
and more ..

You can use the site 'Koma3' through the site itself or through Meydan software
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Today there are thousands of businesses that use daily in Koma3.

Such targeted traffic allows you to increase marketing and finding potential customers.

Benefits using 'Koma3':
- Community focused in commercial real estate.
- Traffic of tens of thousands of visitors a month.
- Advertising Space Properties Unlimited and for free.
- Ad management system and lead tracking.
- Internal system for targeted leads.
- All services on the site are for No charge.

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